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Veranda Phangan is a family run, small business social entrepreneurship.

We are a husband and wife (and cat) team.

Sustainability is part of our company’s origin story; our small business embraces environmentally friendly and socially aware practices.

People and places are important to us.

Responsible tourism which is sustainable is not only about the environment.

Travel & Tourism has a massive direct and indirect effect on the people and the place.

As social entrepreneurs we have chosen to be part of a community which has existed in Chaloklum for many, many years; and we have Loved this place for many, many years.

Our intention is to be part of this Thai community. There is no need to change or create a community. After all we’re in Thailand ☺

We believe sustainable businesses are both environmentally and socially responsible.

These are our contributions and causes close to our hearts. ☺


We are invested and continue to invest in the area where our business operates. A portion of profits from Veranda Phangan is donated to local social causes. When you support us, you support the community.

Veranda Phangan does not utilise volunteers at all.

Employment changes lives therefore we contribute to paid employment within the local community.
We believe sustainable tourism and sustainable businesses, with ethical practises contribute to the economic and social development through income generation and paid employment.
When you support Veranda Phangan, you support community income both directly and indirectly.

While there are many European and Western travellers working as volunteers on Koh Phangan, often collecting social support from their home country, there is no social support for local or regional citizens, therefore we do not support unskilled volunteerism/voluntourism.
We receive many requests and offers and we are grateful for the interest, however we do not support this business model for profit motivated businesses. It is only suitable for non-profit charitable organisations requesting skilled volunteers.
We believe reducing labour costs by utilising unpaid volunteer labour in a profit-motivated business, in a region with no unemployment social support, is unjust.

We source supplies locally to support our local community as much as possible. We do not import food products but purchase what is available on the island.

We happily recommend other businesses within the village to our clients. We support community harmony and community growth.

We support fair-trade.


We believe water is a basic human right. ☺

We use water responsibly and provide our guests with free drinking water.  We support #Trashhero and promote the use of recyclable bottles for your trip to reduce plastic waste on the island.
TrashHero stainless steel bottles are available for purchase at Veranda Phangan to support this choice ☺ Read more information on this global initiative here.

To reduce carbon emissions we use our bicycles within Chaloklum village for transport as much as possible and support our staff to do the same ☺

We provide our staff with information, tips and training on how to be more environmentally responsible.

Travelling in groups of small numbers has less impact on the flora and fauna in an area than having hundreds of people visiting a destination at once. Therefore any group trips we organise will be small groups only. ☺ (More fun that way too)

Palm oil is directly linked to deforestation of primary rainforest in the South East Asian region and globally.  It is also incredibly unhealthy. In an effort to help raise consumer awareness, we do not use palm oil in our kitchen. We make as much effort as possible to reduce the use of this commodity and support the Consumer Goods Forum efforts to achieve zero net deforestation by 2020:


As divers and lovers of the ocean we clean the beach in the area of our business daily.  We appreciate guests who make an effort to use our bins for their own garbage. ☺


The welfare and wellbeing of people in the local community is directly and indirectly impacted by travellers and tourism.

We make suggestions to our clients to purchase local products to support the local community. We also actively support other businesses.

We do not purchase products made from endangered species (including protected wood). We also encourage our clients to do the same. ☺

We support local projects by donating a percentage of profits to social causes within the village of Chaloklum.
When you support us, you support the village.

We happily share cultural information with our clients fostering consideration for the local community.

Community respect and harmony is Very important to us and close to our heart. ☺

Thank you for keeping your clothes, swim suit or sarongs on.
Public nudity is offensive within the local Thai culture.

Traveling responsibly guarantees your trip will be better for the places you visit not only now, but also in the future ☺ Everything changes so let’s ensure it’s for the better.

We support respectful responsible travel. ☺ See you soon

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