Experience a sustainable individual self-care wellness retreat


Have you been on the hamster wheel of Life lately?




Veranda Phangan is the perfect place for exactly that.

Toxic stress, burnout, unmanageable anger, anxiety, panic attacks, compassion fatigue and all kinds of stress related conditions is the order of the day in these times.

For many people living with chronic illness has become normal purely because of toxic stress.

There’s only so long you can live with constantly elevated stress hormones before you have a

**wobbly AKA melt-down**

What is a sustainable individual self-care wellness retreat?

No one has the same kind of balance you do, right?

Your individual self-care wellness retreat is all about You and Your needs.


Your personal experience could include creativity, yoga, Pilates, massage, bodywork, healthy food and drinks, snorkeling or diving, photography and forest walks.

We will do a personalised consultation and design a wellness retreat to meet your personal needs.

We support a middle path kind of lifestyle.

You get to choose what you’d like to experience.

After all it is your body and your dream holiday.

You choose your tailor-made experience.

Every aspect of your personal retreat is flexible. 

What you learn you can easily continue at home, because what we teach you is efficient and easily sustainable.


Longevity is what we’re after.


You are here to explore possibilities, and to enjoy every aspect of your trip. Services you can trust.

Create the experience and take full advantage of what traditional Chaloklum has to offer.

This bay is  unique in every way imaginable.

Relax Recharge


Personal retreat and birthday celebrations

Sharing a personal retreat experience and happy 60th birthday

Read about this personal retreat experience

This sustainable personal retreat is for you if any of these feel familiar

It’s time!

You feel full.

You’ve had Enough!

You need space to breath.

You just need some Peace.

You’re sleeping but you get no rest.

Life is getting louder. You find yourself shrinking.

You feel tight and restricted in your body, mind and emotions.

You’re looking for a quiet place away from the noise to get perspective.

You’re doing your best to keep a lid on your “stuff” but it’s bubbling over into your daily life.

You’re relying on alcohol and external substances to cope

Your internal compass is wobbly

Surely there is more…

Got Questions? Let’s Talk!

Why this retreat?

We know what it takes to live and work in high functioning stressful environments which are often toxic on many levels.

Everything you need is here and done by us in person.

A very rare combination not easily found.

• The venue is Beautiful

• You are off the beaten trail free from crowds and busy resorts

• Your experience is supported by well qualified, well experienced owners with 40 years personal work experience in healthcare and education

• You have private and personalized access to

Art and creativity

Full body conditioning and fitness

Herbal sauna


Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic yoga

A beautiful and efficient practice combining Pilates and therapeutic yoga into Yogalates

• We are a family run business where we choose to offer our personal zone of genius, which happens to be integrative health and wellness

We’re inviting you to take a well needed break,

because you deserve it.

You are Your most important asset.

A well-trained uncluttered mind has unlimited potential.

Get yourSelf Back on Track.


We are offering the opportunity and inviting you to take a self-care retreat in a small traditional Thai village, off the beaten trail.

Away from the crowds.

Take the pulse on your personal well-being

Relax Reconnect Refuel.

Leave with a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

What’s the difference between a retreat and a regular holiday or vacation?

A holiday or vacation is generally a time of entertainment.

An escape from the daily grind.

(For us) a retreat is

• An opportunity to take off the masks of daily life and get back to who You Are and what You want from this 1 Life of Yours.

• A time for self-reflection, personal development and Growth. There is a shift within yourself.

• A time to look at the big picture; gather what is useful and leave what is not.

• A time to get some perspective, which is often difficult to do in your normal environment.

We help you relax AND learn sustainable practical easily transferable skills useful in your daily life.


An internal spring clean ☺

• Gain perspective

• Find your own clarity (because only you can find your answers)

• Learn practical skills to sustain yourself better

and….have some hard earned FUN!  Retreats needn’t be serious 🙂


Our wish for you is this….

If you can leave paradise with just a little more peace, just a little more comfortable in your own skin, just a little more ease and a little more Grace you’ll be better off for it.

So will those around you. ☺

One thing we know for sure is that the benefit will be much more than “just a little”.

The transformation in people has Lifetime Value and is often significant on many levels.

You gain practical Life skills and we make friends forever.


What’s the investment and what’s included?

Our rates are very affordable and high value given the standard of service we provide.

Our Google and TripAdvisor reviews speak for themselves.

Please complete this form with as much detail as possible, tell us about yourself and what you’re looking for and we will customise the perfect experience for you.

It is important to us that when you choose to use our services you have a personal experience of satisfaction that meets your personal needs.

No 2 retreats are ever the same.

You receive a realistic, sustainable, personalised program.

Are you a healthcare professional, educator, social services professional, human resources professional, corporate wellness professional, justice system professional, small business owner or involved in any industry involving the care of other people?

If so, we always offer you a 10% discount.


Because social contribution is at the core of our business.


Our foundation is rooted in these professions so to acknowledge the great work you do, we’re offering you a little something extra special because you’re Worth it ☺

We also acknowledge the potential social impact and tremendous benefit of you sharing the skills within your profession when you get back home.

There is also a 10% per person discount for couples and friends booking together.


About us:

We are practical “feet on the ground”, well qualified and well experienced off the beaten trail adventurous , active kind of people

We support a sustainable wholesome middle-path way of Life. We embrace all aspects of Life in a balanced way.

For deeper insight into our business read our responsible sustainable tourism policy here

There are so many retreats to choose from these days.

What makes us different?

Veranda Phangan is owner operated

Every aspect of your retreat is facilitated by us in person.

*Fluff, snake oil and “blah-blah”* really isn’t our thing.
We are normal humans contributing to society in a practical sustainable way.

We Love what we do and we know it’s really needed for many many people.


P.S    What we know for sure is this….. We know well designed personalised retreats offer the potential for

increased efficiency

increased productivity

improved organisational culture

How? Because we’ve seen the outcome with previous clients.

So we welcome corporate sponsorship for employees.

We will gladly support your employees’ well-being, in order to support your business sustainably.

Burnt-out employees are really not ideal, neither are burnt-out employers…..

Head to Veranda Phangan

We’d love to meet you ☺


The last thing you should know is this:

If you are dreaming of a personal retreat but cannot make it here in person, we also provide online services to international clients.

Contact us any time and we will gladly put together a program that suits your personal needs in the comfort of your own home.

Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to work with anyone, anywhere.

Because Efficient Needn’t Be Complicated.

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